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Lund University Utbildning Gymnasieungdomars studieintresse läsåret 2009/2010 a b "Home - Lund University". Lunds universitet from Nordisk familjebok, in Swedish. The EU is the university's second largest external research funder and Lund is the 23rd largest receiver of funding within the union's Seventh Framework Programme. Lecturing rooms were few, and lectures were held in the Lund Cathedral and its adjacent chapel. In 18 Lund co-hosted Nordic student meetings together with the University of Copenhagen. It also coordinates several intercontinental projects, mostly through the Erasmus Mundus programme. A b "Home - Lund University". In the Leiden Ranking for 2017, Lund University is ranked 84th in the world. In 1992 Boel Flodgren, Professor of Business Law, was appointed rector magnificus (or, strictly speaking, rectrix magnifica ) of Lund University.

Humanities and economics edit Samuel Pufendorf (16321694) was a notable jurist and philosopher known for his natural law theories, influencing Adam Smith 51 as well as Thomas Jefferson. Retrieved "Leiden cwts Ranking 2017".

"AF Bostäder an independent foundation with close ties to Akademiska Föreningen, maintains over 5,700 student residences in Lund. Retrieved 1 maint: Archived copy as title ( link ) Lund University - Who Runs the University? Stefan Persson (1947) was the CEO of H M and has been the company's chairman since 1998 and has been ranked among the top ten richest men in the world. News Education: Best Global Universities 2018 "QS World University Rankings". 62 Lars Leksell (19071986) was a notable neurosurgeon who was the father of radiosurgery and later the inventor of the Gamma Knife. The university also operates the Clinical Research Centre in Malmö, featuring many specialized laboratories. Retrieved "About Lund University - Lund University". 63 Mathematics, engineering and physical sciences edit Per Georg Scheutz (17851873) was a Swedish lawyer, publicist and inventor who created the first working programmable difference engine with a printing unit. Martin Wiberg (18261905) was a prolific inventor who, among many things, created the first difference engine the size of a sewing machine that could calculate and print logarithmic tables. Lund and the university attracted a temporary attention boost.

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