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Service, the leading news bureau in the Baltic region, providing the world with news about the Baltic with a Bonnier touch. Aschberg himself is the head of several of these usually noisy and kannan linköping chaotic shows and has thus been called Sweden's Michel Friedman. In other words, of the seven largest news papers in Sweden, six are either owned by or edited by Jews. Actually, I could go on and on describing the Jewish media influence in Sweden but I guess you see where I am heading. 1 TV series (5 episodes) 2003 Evil 2 Otto Silverhielm 2003 Detaljer Daniel (old) 2003 Swedenhielms Bo Swedenhielm TV movie 2004 The Color of Milk The Stranger 2004 Babylonsjukan Olle, Maja's boyfriend 2006 Kidz in da Hood pphanar Karl XI TV mini-series 2007 Pyramiden Kurt. Retrieved Edfeldt, Catti; Gustavsson, Ylva Kidz in da Hood, retrieved Runge, Björn (23 September 2011 Happy End, retrieved ticle Min vän Percys magiska gymnastikskor, 1 February 1994, retrieved kuggornas hus, retrieved Karim, Baker (25 December 2003 Swedenhielms, retrieved Bibliotekstjuven, retrieved The Fat and the Angry. A man with an (Jewish?) Hungarian name. But the Israeli dissident Mordechai Vannanu will not be granted asylum here!

Baltic countries lNK in Lithuania ) the UK, Germany, Poland and other countries. Peter Hjörne is the son of a sister of another infuential Swedish Media Jew: Per Gyllenhammer (former top boss of Volvo). Of course this has nothing to do with jewish power. Through, alma Media, Bonnier also controls MTV3, the most popular channel in Finland with 39,1 of the total viewing time (in 2001) and Subtv, the third largest commercial television channel in Finland, aiming mainly at young adults. His godfather is Swedish actor.

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