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through. The property contains 10 hotel apartments on the top floor and there are 2 to 6 beds in each of the apartments. In his personal notes which are preserved at the Swedish National Archives, Raoul Wallenbergs friend and business partner in Mellaneuropeiska, Kálmán Lauer, recalled that Jacob Wallenberg had been Raouls «idol» and that Raoul served as « his private secretary during the time he worked. All prices are variable to the actual rent period. Some years ago, a woman by the name of Ms Gertrud Larsson (her maiden name) testified that during the 1940s, she worked in adjoining offices with Raoul Wallenberg on Blasieholmen. Founded in July 1940, sukab was a huge Swedish business conglomerate which also included most of the major Wallenberg industrial enterprises like Svenska Kullagerfabriken ( SKF, a manufacturer of ball bearings Svenska Tändsticksaktiebolaget ( stab, a producer of matches and lighters) and.M. Raoul Wallenbergs uncle, Carl-Axel Söderlund (the husband of Raouls aunt Nita Söderlund) was one of its original board members. So, how was he planning to earn a living? .

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(4) Only his official Kabinettspass from 1941/42 a special travel document issued by the Swedish government and both his diplomatic and private Swedish passports, issued in June 1944, are currently available to researchers. . Oup, apartments, apartment type room. Due to the war, most of this trade was golfsimulator tolv stockholm handled in the form of barter or compensation transactions. Das Hotel liegt gleich neben dem Bahnhof. Kungsgatan, where he had previously maintained a small private firm. . Wie immer bei Intercity direkt am Bahnhof, also sehr zentral gelegen!

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