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little beady black eyes were examining me but I would not satisfy him by looking up from my plate. In opposition to his mother's wishes, Joyce left Ireland in 1902 to pursue a medical education in Paris, and did not return to Ireland until the following year upon news of his mother's debilitation and imminent death. And just as Picasso's realist works have not only lasted but are actually preferred by many museum goers to his more difficult-to-appreciate later paintings, Dubliners is the favorite James Joyce book of many readers. I said softly to myself the word paralysis. My idea is: let a young lad run about and play with young lads of his own age and not. Cotter might take a pick of that leg mutton he added to my aunt. Eveline, eveline is adult, a young woman old enough to get married.

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"Let him learn to box his corner. The stories of, dubliners are united by the city itself Dublin is rendered in Joyce's book with a concreteness and specificity that was unprecedented at the time of its writing. He was particularly bitter about the way in which the Church often recruited intellectuals like himself to serve in the priesthood rather than encouraging them to use their minds in the service of progress, as doctors, scientists, or engineers. Unlike France, Spain, and Italy, Ireland had never been a center of continental culture; unlike England and the Netherlands, it had never been a trade hub. Joyce even introduces characters (Lenehan from "Two Gallants" and Bob Doran from "The Boarding House for instance) who reappear in his later books.