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five-speed transaxle sending power to the rear wheels. A combined steel monocoque chassis and body featured a tubular steel subframe at the back for the engine and transmission. With compression set.75:1, output was 10 bhp (7.5 kW) up on the.7 with 320 bhp (240 kW) (330 bhp (250 kW) in Europe) at 5,500 rpm. Three years later, the.9-litre engine became standard on all Boras, displacement having been stroked from 85 to 89 mm, resulting in a size of 4,930 cc.

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6 The development prototype and the broadly similar show car first seen at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show featured MacPherson strut based front suspension, but this was abandoned for production because, installed in combination with very wide front tires and rack-and-pinion steering, the strut -based. 5 All these engines traced their lineage back to the famous 450S racecar, were aluminium alloy, had hemispherical combustion chambers with 16 valves total operated by four cams ( chain-driven ). Output was 310 PS (306 bhp; 228 pro uppsala distrikt kW) at 6,000 rpm, 30 bhp (22 kW) or less than the Euro-spec' derivative. Merak models had an opened rear engine-cover instead of the glass-enclosed and heavier rear of the Bora. 7 The Bora was the basis for the Merak, which used the same bodyshell front clip but in a 22 configuration, made possible by using a smaller, lighter and less powerful Maserati V6 engine, also used in the Citron. Unlike its competitors, the Bora used dual-pane glass separating its cabin from the engine compartment as well as a carpeted aluminum engine cap, greatly decreasing the engine noise in the cabin and increasing the comfort level for the driver. It is popularly believed that the Bora is heavier than the Ghibli however the Ghibli weighs some 1,650 kg (3,640 lb 115 kg (254 lb) more than the Bora. Not to be confused with, volkswagen Bora.

Production ran from 1971 to 1978, with 564 Boras built, 289 of which were.7s and the remaining 275,.9s. Citation needed, contents, history edit, shortly after, citron took a controlling interest in Maserati in 1968, the concept of a mid-engined two-seat sports car was proposed. 564 Boras were produced in total, of which 275 were fitted with.9 L engines and the other 289 were fitted with.7 L engines. The first Boras were delivered to customers in late 1971, and only minor production changes were gradually phased in thereafter. From 1973, as the.7-litre engine had not been homologated in North America, US Bora models had air-pump emissions-equipped 4,930 cc (4.9 L; 300.8 cu in) Super-Ghibli engines similar to those found in US-bound Ghiblis.