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I think that French society is pretty interesting in the sense that it is Western, but its not the same Western culture I see in Toronto or in Canada in general. Try to find something online, and do an activity, I think that would be great., what is the biggest cultural difference youve noticed so far? So, that was a bit of a shock to me because its a very non-religious society, its a very secular society. Vos también podes sumar tu aporte siendo el motor del cambio que necesitamos en la Educacin de Calidad. Astzi am fost prezeni cu premii la Galai n cadrul evenimentului YouthSpeak Forum organizat de ctre organizatia aiesec Galati. #faith #leadership #change #mistakes #impact #aiesec #exchange #diversity #globaltalents #globalgoals #sdgs #sdgsmyway #tefl #teachersday #morocco #turkey 65 5 by @aiesecdenmark Black Friday Discount! By @aiesecargentina, recordemos las palabras de #Malala en su discurso ante la Asamblea General de la ONU. Whereas Canada is also secular, but you have the liberty to follow your religion, but here, its not that open. Trabajá por el Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible N 4 brindando a la sociedad una igualdad de condiciones para la educacin. I uprooted myself from my familiar, comfortable life in Morocco to go on exchange with aiesec and become an English teacher in Turkey. . Personally, I feel that Canada is much more open than France. Through the Global Talent program, I could easily do that after getting my tefl(Teach English as a Foreign Language) certificate.

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