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total. Heres a big one never instruct on the social dance floor, unless specifically asked! Dance in appropriate shoes with soles that allow you to move without slipping, and support you sufficiently. Många förknippar jitterbug med högt tempo och flickor som flyger genom luften, men danstempot kan i själva verket variera från mycket långsamt till mycket snabbt. Theres nothing worse than Lindy Hop with someone dripping wetexcept maybe Balboa with someone dripping wet! This time it will be even better, and even more classes are expecting you. Dear all at Swingkatten, We want you to feel comfortable and safe at Swingkatten's dance events. If something goes wrong, just smile and keep dancing! While were on the topic of aerials, remember that aerials are dangerous and difficult, and you should never attempt them unless youve been properly trained and are with a partner with whom youre very familiar.

Reciprocally, if someone says no to you, they have their reasons too. Strapless tops arent usually a good idea, and the same goes for guys with tank tops and the like. Det viktiga är "gunget" i musiken, som också ska finnas i kroppen när man dansar. Therefore, we have written this Code of Conduct, which you may take into consideration (scroll down for the English version). A variety of plans are available and start at just.00. Politely respond when people ask you to dance you dont always have to say yes, but you should always be polite in your response. Dansen är fri och och lämnar mycket utrymme för improvisation vilket ger stora möjligheter för att utvecklas som dansare. Tops that are overly baggy can be difficult to dance in, and any clothing which you need to keep adjusting during a dance is not good. In general, if youre polite and considerate, and pay attention to your partner and others around you, then youre doing fine! Remove any potentially dangerous accessories (watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces) which might catch, tangle or hit someone while you dance.

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