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Sweden Madhu is a graduate of the Womens Group Facilitator training. Tänk även på att restaurangerna har olika förutsättningar för att ta emot Matnattengäster, så smakprovet kan serveras allt ifrån utanför restaurangen till vid sittande bord. All newcomers welcome, especially over 50 years old bring your wisdom! Contact: Kmini m/womens_temple/ Tel: Baba Yagas Temple Group Location: Totnes, Devon, UK This is a monthly group for women aged 60 years old and over. 358.40.7072331, 358.40.5653676 /tab tab Cercle de femmes Location: Crest - Drôme, France We meet each month around the full moon to honor the womanhood inside us, and to connect with the sacred space of the womens circle. Judith is a graduate of the Womens Group Facilitator Training. Contact: Devika Fossen is a graduate of the Womens Group Facilitator Training, is a Senior Practitioner with Awakening Women and travels around the world to support you in starting a Women's Temple in your area. In our Womens temple, we meet beyond the personal, and in this expanded meeting the collective feminine as well as the personal feminine is healed and celebrated.

Matnatten i Malmö, Lund och Helsingborg

malmö matnatt

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Sacred Yoni Temple Location: Life Balance Yoga Center, 181A Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, Sydney NSW 2037 The divine goddess awaits sister. Adelaide Women's Temple Location: Unley, Adelaide Contact: Ally Thomas ph: Sunday Sanctuary - Womens Circle Location: Thornbury, Victoria Our Intention is to honor and celebrate the sacred/mundane experience of womanhood through grounded embodiment practices, meditation, movement and creativity. Anna is a graduate of the Womens Group Facilitator Training. Ancient Ways of Empowerment (AWE location: Eastbay/Walnut Creek, CA, USA, there is a longing deep within all of us - a longing to be loved, known, heard, seen. Our practice is rooted in the ancient ways woven into our modern times. Some of the groups are led by graduates of the Awakening Women trainings, and this is written next to the group. For as far back as can be known, women have gathered to share, collaborate, support and honor one another in ways only we know how. Kmini is a graduate of the Women's Group Facilitator Training.

It is here we allow all of who we are to be held, loved, supported and nourished. Kontakt: Rotraud Huck Tel.: Frauenkreise - Kraft aus der Mitte Ort: Salzburg In dem Kreis treffen Sie Inspiration und Unterstützung. Vanessa is a graduate of the Womens Group Facilitator Training.

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