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1, ratDVD program is freeware and works on, microsoft Windows. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. 1, ratDVD files are created by a computer program of the same name. These creatures, though fearsome in appearance, tended to be skittish and solitary by nature. 3, references edit, further reading edit, external links edit, retrieved from " p?titleRatDVD oldid ".

The borrat was a large, rodent-like creature that lived and made its lair in the lower levels. 1, the container format is a compressed archive format that holds all features. 3, the resulting RatDVD file can then be played directly in a computer (as long as the needed codec has been installed) by a DirectShow-compatible DVD player, or converted back into standard DVD format.

Unlike other container formats like. Matroska, it is designed to accurately mirror the exact feature set of standard video DVDs, facilitating round-tripping back to the DVD-Video format. The program does not support copy-protected DVDs. 1, the video portion of a RatDVD file is compression by a proprietary video codec named "XEB 2 thus significantly reducing the overall size: A typical DVD (usually above 4 gigabytes ) can be compressed to about 1 or 2 GB, with some loss. Lgh italiensk restaurang lundagatan m, lgh m, lgh 1502. Praktiska Malmö, utbildningar: Naglar, Make-Up, Hårstyling, Fransar, Spa och Hudvårdsterapeut. Mätundersökning av neurologisk känselnedsättning på fotsula. Bansystem sett mot öster.