diablo 2 lag 2 Merc aura lista

when you get to hell. Fans were honored too, Elly and Gaile were webmasters of t, as was Flux (found in Act Three). Auras: These mercs have a variety of auras. One is randomly assigned to each of the Iron Wolves your character sees on the hireling menu. Dark Wood Stony Field, Tristram. Notes : These guys are the most party friendly Hirelings because they share their Auras with all of the party, including Minions. The last 3 Iron Wolf names (they are listed in this order in the game database file, making it clear that the honored fans were added last) are all fans; Jarulf is the author of the famous Diablo guide. Varaya and Khan were two of the best known mod-makers from the days of Diablo, famed for their well-made Lord of the Rings-themed mods. The fact that there was a mention of the name update in the patch notes seems to hint that it's important, or at least worth noticing. Players can only use one mercenary at a time, and hiring a new one permanently dismisses the current merc.

What exactly are they and what do they do?
Did a search for their definitions but fell rug.
Any input much appreciated, i'm trying to decide on some mercs for my fishynecro and my frenzy barb.

Diablo 2 lag 2 Merc aura lista
diablo 2 lag 2 Merc aura lista

Act V Hirelings: Barbarians, the Hirelings of Act V are available from Qual-Kehk in Harrogath once you have finished his quest. The leading theory is capio helsingborg vaccination that this is related to some plot/story elements of Diablo. Jelani Barani Jabari Devak Raldin Telash Ajheed Narphet Khaleel Phaet Geshef Vanji Haphet Thadar Yatiraj Rhadge Yashied Jarulf Flux Scorch There are no Mercenaries available for hire in Act Four, though Tyrael will resurrect fallen Mercenaries retained from other acts. Act I Hirelings: Rogue Scouts, the Hirelings of Act I are available from Kashya in the Rogue Encampment. Allowed Equipment : Armor, Helms, Shields and Swords. Combat/Hell Difficulty: Jab/Prayer, defense/Normal Difficulty: Jab/Defiance, defense/Nightmare Difficulty: Jab/Holy Freeze. Their AI largely keeps them from harm, but they can be come confused as to how far they should stand from the action, and will sometimes wander back and forth uselessly. They are fairly fragile and must be kept from harm, but can dispense solid artillery support from behind the front lines. As is the case with lots of weapons in the game, and especially with the names of NPC mercs, the Blizzard North designers worked in the names of Blizzard employees, and notable members of the Diablo II fan community.