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of the hole so it will probably be two metres and 60 to 70 centimetres. A friend of the man carried out a base jump shortly after, which was successful and saw him land safely nearby. It said there are more than 20,000 jumps a year in the valley. View photos, the base jumper can be seen on top of a huge 24-storey building. Stockholm Police told Dagens Nyheter that base jumping from buildings is not illegal in itself. The footage of the man was filmed in Sweden and shows him flailing about as he plummets to the ground and realises his parachute has not worked. The man was taken to hospital where he was treated for serious but non-life threatening injuries. Headcam video of moment base jumper Lee Cooper slams into rocks after parachute fail in leap off 530ft Beachy Head cliff.

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Base-jumpers grand i lund brunch typically wear wingsuits as they plunge, reaching speeds of up to 120mph. Liveleak 2, the man jumped off a 24-storey building in Stockholm. Police and witnesses say the man jumped and landed on the street in front of his friends who were filming as well as shocked diners at the restaurant on the ground floor of the building. Most read IN news, dON'T BE haribol, girl, 13, accused of 'assault' after throwing one Haribo sweet at teacher. Liveleak 2, the base jumper's parachute fails to open as the man plummets to the ground. 84 Basejump Stockholm, basejump failure in stockholm, loading. The man, who has not yet been formally identified by police, died the same day an Italian wingsuit base jumper was killed in the same region. Emanuele made international headlines last year when bodycam footage showed one of his jaw-dropping jumps.