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ditched the breadboard in favour of an Arduino shield and soldered all. We use cookies to enable you to log in, set your site preferences, analyse site traffic, personalise content and provide relevant advertising. I will not tell you how to obtain it, but once you have the key you are free to walk right into Bob's Bunker. I'll tell you this much about him, he's "messed up in the head" literately. Following the above tutorial I massacred an old remote controlled car; I removed most of the internal wiring, removed the front wheels and steering system which was based to a motor with alternating polarity to turn left and right and replaced it with a single.

It also contains a funny, but very deformed man named Bob. If you are having trouble getting access to Bob's Bunker, open you console and type either "ditem 01004A77 1" for the key, or you can type "coc 000bobsbunker" to teleport to the bunker. If you are having anymore troubles please leave a comment in the comment tab.

I had no plans for him, he was really just an NPC to mess around buss till helsingborg från göteborg with. If you guys have any other questions or concerns, you can find. Location Images: - -, changeLog:.5: - Bug fixes - Interior exterior changes - Fixed grammer, modDB Page: m/mods/bobs-bunker-house-mod. This approach works much better although its blind to object low down on the floor which it still smashes into. File credits, all credit for this mod goes to Ryan Langlois(godis163). In order to gain access to the bunker you must get the key from Bob, he is also located the 188 Trading Post. Find out more and change your settings in our privacy policy. I have not stopped over the past few days, damn robot! After a few test runs and the robot smashing into every wall in the house all that I decided that a light seeking robot wasnt the way to go with this project, I think the RC car I used as a base was too fast. I put a command to turn the engine off at the start of the loop so that it stutters or takes steps, so it isnt whizzing round too fast for itself to turn. This was very helpful for setting up my ultrasonic sensors, also this. Background Info: I feel that the question I am going to get most is, "Why Bob?" or, "Who is Bob and why?" I made "Bob" while I was messing around in the geck one day.