synonym för slip

slip? A.) Synonyms: put stealthily, convey secretly slip (v. Synonyms: rusticity, slipperiness, slip, skid, gaucherie, cutting, pillowcase, shimmy, mooring, trip, pillow slip, case, chemise, moorage, shift, slickness, parapraxis, teddy, slip -up, faux pas, slip of paper, slick, strip, elusion, solecism, gaffe, eluding, miscue, sideslip, berth slip, slip -up, miscue, parapraxis(noun) a minor inadvertent mistake. Diplomatic blunders slip stresses inadvertence or accident and applies especially to trivial but embarrassing mistakes. EnglishFrench, afrikaans WordAlbanian WordArabic WordBengali WordChinese WordCroatian WordCzech WordDanish WordDutch WordEnglish WordFinnish WordFrench WordGerman WordGreek WordHindi WordHungarian WordIcelandic WordIndonesian WordItalian WordJapanese WordKorean WordLatin WordMalay WordMalayalam WordMarathi WordNepali WordNorwegian WordPolish WordPortuguese WordRomanian WordRussian WordSerbian WordSlovak WordSpanish WordSwahili WordSwedish WordTamil WordTelugu WordThai WordTurkish WordUkrainian WordUzbek WordVietnamese WordWelsh. All words2-letter words3-letter words4-letter words5-letter words6-letter words7-letter words8-letter words9-letter words10-letter words11-letter words12-letter words13-letter words14-letter words. Plural ofSingular ofPast tense ofPresent tense ofVerb forAdjective forAdverb forNoun for. Princeton's WordNet(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate these synonyms: faux pas, gaffe, solecism, slip, gaucherie(noun) a socially awkward or tactless act. 1 the packing slip, a source document that documents the item quantities in a shipment. To AfrikaansTo AlbanianTo AmharicTo ArabicTo ArmenianTo AzerbaijaniTo BasqueTo BelarusianTo BengaliTo BosnianTo BulgarianTo CatalanTo CebuanoTo ChichewaTo ChineseTo CorsicanTo CroatianTo CzechTo DanishTo DutchTo EsperantoTo EstonianTo FarsiTo FilipinoTo FinnishTo FrenchTo FrisianTo GalicianTo GeorgianTo GermanTo GreekTo GujaratiTo Haitian CreoleTo HausaTo HebrewTo HindiTo HmongTo HungarianTo IcelandicTo IgboTo IndonesianTo IrishTo ItalianTo.

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Synonym för slip
synonym för slip

Words that rhyme with nip slip, what is the plural of nip slip? Procedural errors mistake implies misconception or inadvertence and usually expresses less criticism than error. Dialed the wrong number by mistake blunder regularly imputes stupidity or ignorance as a cause and connotes some degree of blame. More words related to slip. Noun fully, find bostäder i umeå till salu more words! A lapse in judgment. Error suggests the existence of a standard or guide and a straying from the right course through failure to make effective use of this. Old High German slifan, Middle Dutch slippen, German schleifen "to glide, slide from PIE *sleib-, from root s)lei- "slimy, sticky, slippery" (see slime (n.). A.) Synonyms: throw off, disengage one's self from slip (v. Relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the best matches based on how closely a synonym s sense matches the sense you selected.

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